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95+ Years of Historic Firsts at CLE

On July 1, 2024, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport celebrated 99 years of service to Northeast Ohio and the world. It may be hard...

Continental Airlines' CLE Hub: Part 3

In Part 1 of this series of three articles on its hub at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE), we saw the initial investment by...

Continental Airlines' CLE Hub: Part 2

The 2nd decade of Continental Airlines' CLE hub is explored including the opening of Concourse D and the launch of transatlantic service.

Continental Airlines' CLE Hub: Part 1

The history of the various air carriers that would eventually become Continental, the start of the CLE hub, and the hub's first decade.

A Visit to Cleveland Airport in the 1930s

By the middle of the 1930s, Cleveland Municipal Airport (CLE) was over a decade old and remained a leader in the pioneering early days of...

Galaxy Airlines

Galaxy Airlines was a short-lived intrastate air carrier based at Cuyahoga County Airport (CGF). It flew DC-3s solely within Ohio.

Akron’s Art Deco Terminal

While I primarily focus on aviation in Cleveland, I am also interested in the history of commercial flight in the wider region. Today, we...

USAir’s Cleveland Hub 1987-92

In a previous article on the history of United Airlines at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, we saw how United, the historic...

CLE Master Plan Update (January 2021)

An update to the CLE Master Planning process was posted to the plan website ( after a meeting on...

The Arrival of the Jumbo Jet at CLE

Coping with Growth; Terminal Overcrowding & Development Delays Despite the plans announced in 1969 for the expansion and modernization of...

Master Plan Update

Update to CLE's Master Planning process from the September 3 pubic meeting.

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