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Continental Airlines' CLE Hub: Part 3

In Part 1 of this series of three articles on its hub at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE), we saw the initial investment by...

Continental Airlines' CLE Hub: Part 1

The history of the various air carriers that would eventually become Continental, the start of the CLE hub, and the hub's first decade.

Galaxy Airlines

Galaxy Airlines was a short-lived intrastate air carrier based at Cuyahoga County Airport (CGF). It flew DC-3s solely within Ohio.

Akron’s Art Deco Terminal

While I primarily focus on aviation in Cleveland, I am also interested in the history of commercial flight in the wider region. Today, we...

USAir’s Cleveland Hub 1987-92

In a previous article on the history of United Airlines at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, we saw how United, the historic...

The Arrival of the Jumbo Jet at CLE

Coping with Growth; Terminal Overcrowding & Development Delays Despite the plans announced in 1969 for the expansion and modernization of...

"Jetmania" Hits Cleveland: 1960-65

Cleveland Hopkins International airport just celebrated a milestone anniversary on July 1, 2020, its 95th birthday. In a previous article...

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